i don't know no love song

Oh, alltsa, minns ni Kalle Blomqvist? Det var en av mina favoriter nar jag var
liten. Var superkar i skomakarpojken & brukade sjunga den har laten overallt;
i bilen, i duschen, i affaren, pa bussen... Nostalgi! (nevermind the video)

and i can't take it, having to wait for so long

to love means to live

Sitter har och lyssnar pa agamla goda 90-tals latar, blir sa nostalgisk.
Har kommer nagra fran mina favoritfilmer fran nar jag var yngre,
kanner ni igen? :)  Vilka latar/filmer minns ni fran ''forr'' ? (hehe).

Liz Phair - Why can't I?           Paula Cole - I don't want to wait.
(13 going on 30)                   (Dawson's Creek)

Plumb - Stranded.                    Jessica Riddle - Even angels fall.
(Drive me Crazy)                       (10 things i hate about you)

he is so pretty to me

Ville bara meddela att jag nu drar till Ayrshire for att crasha hos
Pete's moster & great aunt. Ska bli trevligt att komma ivag.
Malin aker till Sverige tidigt imorgon bitti, far inte traffa henne forran
i januari igen, kommer bli tomt som sjuttsingen.

Anyways, jag ar kar i den har laten.

this song is about you

17 Juni 2009, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh.
Oasis, Kasabian & The Enemy. Standing, £44.

- feeling generous much? i wanna!

the weepies - all i want

Jag vet att det ar lite tidigt att borja med julsanger, men jag kan inte halla mig!

out in the harbor the ships come in, it's christmas time
the kids all holler carols 'cross the water
stars that shine

all that I want

above the rooftops the full moon dips its golden spoon
i wait on clip-clops, deer might fly - why not? I met you

all that I want

and when the night is falling down the sky at midnight
another year is stalling, far away a good bye, good night

all that I want

so small a turning, the world grows older every day
an ache, a yearning, soften when I hear you say

all that I want

and when the cold wind's blowing snow drifts through the pine trees
in houses lights are glowing likewise in your eyes that find me here

with all that I want.

out in the harbor, the ships come in, it's christmas time

jonathan rhys meyers - this time

tonight the sky above reminds me how to love
walking through wintertime where the stars all shine
the angel on the stairs will tell you I was there
under the front porch light on a mystery night

i've been sitting watching life pass from the sidelines
been waiting for a dream to seep in through my blinds
i wondered what might happen if I left this all behind
would the wind be at my back ? could I get you off my mind
this time

the neon lights in bars and headlights from the cars
have started a symphony, surrounding me
the things I left behind have melted in my mind
and now there's a purity inside of me

this time

schuyler fisk - be still

''hold my hand, my fingers are cold, don't say a word, just hold me close
streetlight in through the curtains are just right, so don't you move tonight

be still

i can't wait, i think you wanna kiss me and i won't look, only listen
the earth moves and the ocean sways, let the moon run out,
if we could just stay tonight

be still

'cause even if I'm scared to fall i'd rather love than loose it all
then to never be loved, i'd rather be loved, tonight''

the pierces - three wishes

''we'd be so less fragile if we're made from metal & our hearts from iron
& our minds from steel & if we built an armor for our tender bodies
could we love each other, would we stop to feel?

& you want three wishes: one to fly the heavens, one to swim like fishes
& then one you're saving for a rainy day, if your lover ever takes her love away

you say you want to know her like a lover & undo her damage, she'll be new again
soon you'll find that if you try to save her it renews her anger
you will never win

& you only want three wishes: you want never bitter & all delicious
& then one you're saving for a rainy day, if your lover ever takes her love away

you only want three wishes; one to fly the heavens, one to swim like fishes
& a clean conscience & all it's blisses, you want one true lover with a
thousand kisses, you want soft and gentle and never vicious
& then one you're saving for a rainy day, if your lover ever takes her love away''

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