the festival goes round and round

This is an old outfit, worn maybe 2-3 weeks ago, but since I don't have anything better to do
I thougt I might just publish it anyway. Writing in two languages will make this post way too long
so I'll just post this in english, hopefully that is the most fair thing to do.

Dress: The dress comes from my webshop Kiss Me Kate & Vintage & is one of my absolute
favorites at the moment. I love the fact that I can match it with anything & wear it as a dress,
a top or a high-waisted skirt with a tee tucked in. It's so pretty & everywere I go people ask
where I bought it from. That we like, haha!

Jeans: I live in those jeans right now, love them. Pete got them for me from H&M's children
since I can't wear my old jeans anymore. I've gained many kilos during the last 6 months &
none of my old jeans fits me anymore. Anyways, these are a bit stretchy and SO comfy.
Love the pirce as well - £11.98 - bargain!

Flats: Back in...when was it, 2006? I think so - i bought these gray pair of pointy flats from
the Swedish shop Wedins 5 minutes before closing. I was going to a party with a friend &
didn't have anything to wear & my shoes didn't go with the new outfit i just bought. So, I
purchased these darlings - they were far too expensive, but, even though well worn they're
still going strong.

Cardigan: The cardigan was purchased from H&M Divided in early spring this year.
It's a favorite as it can be worn in many, different, exciting ways. As always when it comes
to H&M the price is the best of everything - £9.

Belt: One of my many vintage findings. Cost me 1SEK (appr. 8 pence).

Found this pretty, pretty shoulder bag in a vintage shop in Edinburgh,
though it is not really vintage. Anyways, cost me about a fiver & it is my favorite bag ever.
Goes with anything at anytime, anywhere. Me likey.

Postat av: Ida Björck

svar: So do I, gillart verkligen! :)

2008-08-21 @ 07:41:27
Postat av: sara

Snygg stil!! Å mysig blogg :-) me skön blandning av allt möjligt. Kommer definitivt att kika in nu & då :-)

2008-08-21 @ 10:07:00
Postat av: maya

Oh den hr bloggen skriker verkligen " detta är Em" Vad fint,^^

2008-08-21 @ 10:15:47
Postat av: Malin

usch vad du är fin.

& jag älskar klänningen, bäst att den heter malin. tihi.

din nya blogg är wonderful, du kommer få hjälpa mig med min, det är så mycket roligare om den är fin!

2008-08-21 @ 11:42:30
Postat av: Sabine

åh vad heter fonten du har skrivit festival outfit med? :)

jättesöt top!

2008-08-21 @ 21:35:57
Postat av: sarah

snyggt :)

SER att du oxo fastnat för David Chois nya låt :D den är grym ^^

2008-08-22 @ 14:14:18
Postat av: Em


Sara: Oh, tack sota du. Ser fram emot

fler av dina kommentarer, valkommen ater :)

Maya: Aw, tack finis :)

Malin: Saklart - hade inte kunnat dopa

den till nagot annat. Det AR mycket roligare

om man kanner att bloggen ar fin & organiserad,

haller med :)

Sabine: Tack sa mycket! Fonten heter

Jellyka - Estrya's Handwriting.

Sarah: Tack! Jao, han ar mysig. Fast

Kina ar min favorit :)

2008-08-24 @ 02:47:02

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